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Software by kmpr.at is a free, non-commercial and therefore private software repository. The software that can be downloaded here was programmed by myself and the majority is also open source (see the links in the Developers section in the menu). Parts from third parties are marked as such. I appreciate your contribution to improve functions or to find bugs. Please note, since I don't get paid for the whole thing, there is no support or other stuff and I don't do any contract work either.

Any software "as-is" can be downloaded and used free of charge for private purposes. If the software is to be used for commercial purposes (companies, associations, governments ...), please contact me before using the software for the first time! I am not liable for any damage caused directly or indirectly by my software.

Have fun browsing and using the software!

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Find Similar Images Project

20 November 2022

This project allows you to find similar images in your picture collection and also delete duplicates. Find out more

Posted by manuel

New Software product: Widerstandsfarbcode

27 August 2022

Today's new software release is a small tool to calculate te resistance of a resistor based on its color code. Find out more

Posted by manuel

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